Saturday, January 2, 2010

Slovenia, meet Betsy

In this post, I'd like to introduce you to Slovenia's recreation possibilities by showing exactly how one person (albeit an incredibly attractive one) managed to enjoy herself in the outdoors. I've already been contacted by their Tourism Board about borrowing some of these photos.Vogue has also indicated an interest in Betsy's fashion modeling potential, apparent in the third photo.

Here, Betsy poses in her elegant daywear in front of the Bled Castle gate. Drawbridge operators don't stand a chance when they see her coming.

The winter line is on full display here as Betsy tackles the mossy hillsides around Bled.

Betsy appeals to the "women and cars" cliche with this classic shot.

Showing that she's not just glitz and glamour, Betsy can row a mean boat too.

Looks and coordination combine to make her one of Europe's hottest ski bunnies.

Steep stairs are no match for this fit hiker.

Betsy's strking beauty, rivaled only by the Vintgar Gorge, here highlights the raging rapids. Both their flow and her appeal are timeless.


Anonymous said...

Timeless indeed, and so is the eye of a lover and son-in-law. jm

judy baker said...

Well I giggled my way through this presentation. Betsy, hurry and send these photos in! (I don't know where you should send them, but do so quickly). Brett, have you ever thought of a career as an announcer for the Ms Universe pageant? Thanks for sharing some "lighter side of life".