Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Nevski Art Market

From upper left clockwise: Eagles Bridge, Melnik, the National Theater, Nevski Cathedral
From left: Rila monastery, Nevski (Nevski cathedral behind the paintings)

On Sunday we decided to invest in a bit of Bulgarian art. First we dropped by the Ethnographic museum for some new pottery to take back with us to California next week and hide in storage, and then we sloshed through the slush to the Nevski Cathedral art market.

The art market is pretty unique. It's basically an art alley, paintings stacked on expansive easels in the snow from one end to the other, all running about $25. It was a trip through our last two years of Bulgarian travel as we admired paintings of the many lovely places we've seen - Melnik, Koprivshtitsa, Rila, Plovdiv, the Black Sea Coast and Sofia. In the end, we settled on one of Plovdiv and one of Koprivshtitsa and they will be lovely reminders of this time someday when we get them mounted on our walls in....

We'll find out where soon, since we go to our job fair in just three short days!

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Anonymous said...

We're wishing you the location and work you most want! Mom and Dad