Saturday, February 23, 2008

Bulgarian History

Today's post comes from the BBC Chronology on Bulgaria.

681 Bulgarian State is first established

1396-1878 Ottoman Rule "The Turkish Yoke"

1914-1918 Bulgaria teams with Germany and loses 100,000 people

1939-1945 Occupied by Germany, invaded by the Soviet Army, soviet party takes political power

1946 Monarchy abolished and communist republic wins new elections

1947-1980s Communist Era

1991 New Constitution, Bulgaria becomes a parliamentary republic

1992-2001 Period of Economic Crisis, Protests, Fallout from Communist Era

2001 Former King Simeon II returns to the country and starts his own party, the National Movement Simeon II. Simeon's party wins the elections and he becomes premier in July, ushering in a period of relative stability.

2007 Bulgaria, now under a socialist party-led coalition, joins the E.U.

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