Saturday, February 23, 2008

Within reach

As Betsy and I immerse ourselves in Bulgarian guidebooks, we're realizing that we are within easy reach of a few of our favorite activities.  Mt. Cherni Vruh (7,500'), in Vitosha National Park, is right behind the school, along with all the hiking and skiing that come with it.  In fact, Bulgaria's longest cross-country ski trail is in the park.  Ever since Bruce took us skiing in Duluth this winter, I've been eager to get out and continue practicing.  

The school is also about fifteen miles from Lake Iskur, a favorite for kayakers.  And the Iskur Gorge, a one hundred-mile stretch of river lined by sheer walls, occupied by waterfalls and caves, and traditional agricultural villages, stretches north of the city for a relaxing weekend trip. Possibilities abound, and all within fifteen miles of Sofia.  I'm looking forward to posting our own pictures of these places, but until then, I've stolen a couple from tourism sites.  

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