Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And for all you tennis lovers...

Bulgarian Magdalena Maleeva won the Bulgarian national title at thirteen, then won over four million dollars in prize money while playing the WTA Tour. She occupied the chair opposite Monica Seles the day Seles was stabbed by a deranged Graf fan. She beat Lindsey Davenport. And Venus Williams. So what does she do these days? Well, besides working with a Bulgarian Environmental Organization, giving birth to a baby daughter, and putting out her own line of organic foods (I like her already), she has also opened up a tennis club in Sofia with her family. A tennis club that offers indoor carpeted courts for winter, clay courts for summer, and Thai massage for after the game!

"The most modern sports club in Sofia is already at the disposal of everyone with the desire to play sports, rejuvenate, or just relax in a pleasant and serene environment. You are welcome to join us as well" http://www.maleevaclub.com/en/index.html

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Sid said...

Thanks - now we'll be sure to visit.