Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Elenko and Rada

What happens when you add up Elenko and Rada, Sofia, and fabulous color photos? You get the SoSofia guide, created by a Bulgarian brother and sister as an insider's guide to their home city. I LOVE it. I've already added it to the "Bulgaria Links" on the right sidebar, but the address is: http://sosofia.com/. In my first brief perusal I discovered a Sofia juice bar, a secret soccer stadium, and a description of the constant art showcases on "Lover's Bridge." What's not to like?


Brett said...

I LOVE the moon widget! Inspired...

John said...

I've been subscribing to that one for a while too and really enjoy it.

I wonder if you guys have stumbled across this lovely photoblog?

Seen in my camera

Gorgeous landscapes, very talented photographer. Images to get you very excited about exploring the terrain around our new home town.