Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Sky is Falling!

Today I was fortunate enough to have the inimitable Mrs. Potash make a guest appearance in my class. Her objective: to holiday-ize the room. By imparting her intricate knowledge of snowflake-making on my eager students, Betsy held them rapt for much longer than their typical attention span and earned their infinite respect. Not to mention improving the appearance of the room. All of the 8th grade classes decorate their rooms, and much as we did on Halloween, we have a contest to see who has the most festive room. If our class somehow wins, we owe it all to Betsy:

Mali, Georgi, and Lora hang decorations from the ceiling (kind of).

Lora, who always seems to be a blur of action, between the much calmer Mary and Lilly. They're attaching ribbons to snowflakes for hanging.

A dedicated group of snowflake makers, apprenticing themselves to the master ("apprenticeship" was a vocab word last week).

Here you can see a few of the flakes (and our Christmas tree!) dangling. There are now MANY more. As one of my students remarked, "it looks like a winter jungle!"

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Anonymous said...

yes yes yes yes yes to merriment, transformative activities, inter-generational nonsense, and fun! I'm jealous. Hurry to Cooke St.!