Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Valencia, City of Alleys

My favorite part of Valencia was the layout of the city:  crooked alleys that curved around buildings, almost always revealing some alluring prize around the next corner.  Sometimes an arch would frame a distant steeple, or a patch of color would shoot out above centuries old stonework.   Other times, a fountain in the middle of a town square temporarily brought you into the open, only to lead to another labyrinth on the other side.  Betsy and I spent a few hours getting lost there on Sunday, on a brief stopover on the way back from Brussels.  

The light was fantastic:  bursts of sunlight contrasting looming storm clouds.

One of those alleys...doesn't it make you want to see what's around the corner?

And finally, tapas.  After walking around, we settled into a tapas bar where I sated my appetite with...well...pretty much one of everything.

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Lindsey said...

Hi! I found you guys! What luck I have, or, what spectacular world dominance I have on my side with google. Ah, sweet internet search engine.

I have really enjoyed reading about your travels and am happy to have come across your blog because now I can keep up.

Much love, Buckingham (or, well, Lindsey Sprague)