Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Barcelona: Spring Flowers

Gaudi's Park Guell and the Olympic Park of Barcelona were both in full flower last month. But, revealing my new loyalty to Bulgaria, one of my favorite sites in either park was the tiny red and white martenitsa hanging from a tree in Park Guell. 

"Look, a martenitsa!" I said off-handedly to Brett. Then - "A MARTENITSA?!" That's right, Bulgaria's official sign of spring rode someone's coat tails by jet to Barcelona, found its way to the top of the city, and is currently hanging bravely from a low limb through all weathers, welcoming spring with every bright cheerful thread. 


Anonymous said...

I heard myself chuckling while I read this one. It moves me to realize how well you've not only acclimated to another place, but affiliated with it, too. This is wonderful - even more wonderful than picturing you sauntering through voluptuous gardens...xom

Bryson said...

Wow!! Wonderful pictures of those beautiful yellow flowers!!