Monday, June 1, 2009

Now on sale at Duty Free: Death

Would you buy a candle from a display with signs reading "50 % of fires cause severe injury", "Candles are the fast road to 2nd degree burns", "Light this if you don't care about any of your possessions", and "Stop burning candles now: there's help for you at your local fire station"?

Perhaps not.

Juliana, Brett and I were a bit flabbergasted over the new surgeon general's warnings on the cases of cigarettes at the Sofia Airport duty free shop. It is hard to believe these things still sell, considering they are basically advertised as tiny death sticks... at wonderfully low prices! They are put on display at duty free with the varied giant warnings facing out, so you can read all about how to quit and why you should. 

As we took pictures of the display, amazed, a man walked up to consider his purchase. 

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Anonymous said...

Ugh. Graphic insanity. Do your students smoke? That photo could be used as a stimulant for one of next year's debates. xom