Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Hiking Club Trip

This weekend several students braved a forecast of thunderstorms to hike once more on Vitosha. We took yet another new route, and I was telling Georgi on the hike that with this trip, I think I've now covered all the main trails on the northern side of the mountain. It was a beautiful walk across a large alpine peat bog, with a hanging cloud almost always behind us. It finally stormed later that night, but the hike was beautiful (as it always seems to be). We ended up going down by Boyana waterfall, a nice bookend to my two years with Vitosha.


Anonymous said...

Dear Brett,
The final picture in this series distinguished itself by the lack of smiles on faces. I like this portrait very much - with the four students in the lower right adding something in their own right. I experienced the photograph as a tribute to two years of friendships and exploration, and imagine it would be a valued parting gift to the club's members. I'm glad you'll have a similarly large role in students' outdoor/leadership lives at Webb. What a gift you have.
Happy Birthday, Brett. Bruce and I are thankful that you were born, and we respect and love you. J

judy baker said...

Those kids are sure lucky to have you "showing them the way" to most enjoy life. Love, mom