Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sofia Pride

This Saturday, Betsy and I participated in the third Sofia Pride parade, a celebration of LGBTs in Bulgaria. Two years ago, during the first parade, marchers were met with violence by neo-Nazis and skinheads, which have a visible presence in Sofia. Last year, under EU supervision, things went much more smoothly. This year was much the same. About 500 people showed up, including various diplomats and EU folk, in a show of support. The flag-waving, whistle-blowing crew followed a balloon-decked float through the main part of Sofia, dancing and walking to songs like "I Will Survive" and other 1970s hits. You can read a full report on the parade at this link:

This is the float leading the parade, complete with entertainment.

This sign says something like, "Be careful who you hate; it might be someone you love." Sorry for the terrible translation.

A significant police presence lined the route and followed the parade. This shot was taken as the bulk of them were leaving after the parade.

The parade concluded at one of the parks, and was followed by a concert. You might recognize the Soviet monument in the back from our Christmas market photos. We wondered how Stalin would feel about gay rights.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were able to be in the parade, and I think the motto is great. May your travels in the coming week go well for you both;I like to imagine all the upcoming hosts getting excited to see you! jm

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