Saturday, June 28, 2008

Brett's take on the West Highland Way

The West Highland Way is a 95-mile long footpath running through classic Scottish landscape, by lochs (lakes), up into moors (marshland), and finally over proper windswept passes. As Betsy mentioned, sheep and rain were steady companions, and both give the Highlands its essential character and add to the drama of the hike.
The first picture above is Blackrock Cottage, at the foot of the mountain Buachaille Etiv Mor, the "Great Herdsman" of the mountains. It is cloaked in cloud behind the cottage. In the second picture, Betsy and I pose at the top of Devil's Staircase, the highest point of the hike. The third picture is a rainbow running into Loch Tulla. And finally a shot near Rannoch Moor, the largest uninhabited area in Britain. The puffy pants should tell you how windy it is, not how much I've been eating (which is quite a lot, though I resisted the haggis).
We're now back in London, staying with my college friend Christian, and preparing to move to Oxford for the summer. It will most definitely be nice to unpack and have a home, at least for a couple months.
More pictures from the hike and our overall travels through the U.K. will be available shortly on a Kodak EasyShare page. We'll put up the link as soon as we finish it. And yes, the wedding pictures too.

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