Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Safe in London Part Two

Well, Kodak is being a bit difficult, so I am adding a few more pictures here. Tomorrow we head for Scotland and it may be two weeks before I can post pictures again, but I'll be taking them!


Anonymous said...

Hi Brett and Betsy,

Hope your wedding went well and you are doing well in Europe. Webb, as usual is wonderful in the summer and we are all enjoying some R&R. Nice photos, I know you will be in for the adventure of a life time.

Brian Caldwell

Tanya said...

Just a quick check-in from the farm to let you know Felix and Oscar are just fine. Oscar disappeared for a day or so, but he's now decided we're OK, the dogs won't devour him, and the farm food's OK...

I know you two are having a great time. All of us here at the farm send you infinite love...T.