Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hit the Counter Kneading...

As I searched through pages of info on Bulgarian black sea coast beaches and resorts tonight(we hope to spend some time on the coast in August before school begins), I stumbled onto a bunch of recipes for traditional Bulgarian food. I've selected some of those that looked most interesting for you, but feel free to go to the site and find some more.
There's a world of culinaria awaiting at:

Ingredients: 500g flour, 1tsp. yeast, 150g white sheep7s cheese, 120g butter, 2 tsp. salt.
Make a hole in the flour and place 1/2 tsp. salt, the diluted yeast and 1/2 a cupful of water in it. Knead a medium soft dough (add some more water if necessary) and let stand for about on hour. Roll into sheets, ~3-4mm thick cut into squares and add crumbled cheese to each. Fold in two, seal the edges and drop into salt boiling water. Boil for ~5min. Arrange the ears is a dish and pour over melted butter. Serve hot.

Meat on a spit
Ingredients: 1kg pork, 1 onion, 1 tomato, 1 pepper, salt.
Cut the meat into pieces, salt and mix with the largely chopped onion and pepper. Let stand for ~2 hours and string on a spit with pieces of onion, pepper and sliced tomatoes inbetween. Grill. Serve hot with vegetables of your own choice. Baste with lemon juice if desired.

Baked apples with vanilla syrup
Ingredients: 8-10 eq. sized apples, 1/3 cupful walnut kernels, 3/2 cupful sugar, vanilla, cinnamon according to taste, 50g butter.
Peel and carefully hollow the apples. Prepare a stuffing from the beaten butter, 3/4 cupful of sugar, crushed walnut kernels and cinnamon. Stuff the apples and place in a lined dish, pour over 1-2 spoonful of water and bake in a moderate oven. Serve cold, sweetened with syrup made from cupful of sugar, 1 cupful of water and vanilla. The same recipe may be used for quinces and pears. (My grandma used to make them the best, may God bless her).

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