Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas and New Year's Travels

The New Year's Eve Bonfire at Tanya's Farm in Ohio

Felix, snoozing in his favored basket during the New Year's Party

Dad and Betsy, cross-country skiing at Korkki in Minnesota

Betsy at Korkki

Brett skiing in Vale. Ha ha, just kidding. He's also at Korkki.

Ah, America. It has issues like every other place, but I happen to love it. Three inches of fresh powder on a pine bough, ping pong that raises sweat on my forehead, shreds of cheese melting into lime rice and tomatoes in a thick burrito, late night games of password and movie showings, a slivered moon hanging over the Ohio River, Christmas stockings stuffed and poised for after breakfast, a stretching white sheet of light where I knew Lake Superior should be, kids singing in a puppet show about Jesus' birth in a packed church and a candlelit version of Silent Night, taking a walk with a goat and two dogs, taking a walk with three cats and two dogs, taking a walk by myself... I tried to stop and soak in moments like these as we drifted across the Midwest to visit our wonderful families. Thank you, our families, for welcoming us home. 


Anonymous said...

I liked the picture of us, honey.

Anonymous said...

What a satisfying synopsis of your travels. I'll bet many readers felt happy to recognize something of your time with them in the blog. will you print the bonfire photograph from Tanya's, and hang it near the warm blast from your open oven?! It made me feel good to see it. xom