Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Since we don't have a blogroll...

For all you non-bloggers, here is a bit of blog vocabulary for you.

a list of blogs enjoyed by bloggers, posted at the side of a blog to invite exploration.

I do NOT have a blogroll, however I do enjoy perusing the blogosphere now and again, so here are a few I have recently enjoyed. Hope you do too!

Baking Bites:
For expats living abroad bereft of their cookbooks, or for anyone in search of a fun new recipe, Baking Bites takes the cake!

Glory Ho:
The author of this blog is a former Peace Corp in Bulgaria worker. I like her writing style and Brett likes that she recently posted a music video of "Rock Me, Mama, Like a Wagon Wheel" for all to enjoy.

Globespotters is the International Herald Tribune's travel blog, featuring writers from major cities all over the world. It is a pretty fascinating mix of information about places like Bangkok, Moscow, Madrid, and Istanbul.

Our friend Tanya lives on a beautiful farm in Ohio (where our cats Oscar and Felix currently reside) and blogs about all kinds of things. Most recently she posted a lyrical story about a snowy morning walk with a posse of frolicking animals. You are sure to love the photo of an adorable white cat peeking up at you from a snowbank.


Anonymous said...

I visited Farm Mom's website just now, and I got a much better idea of this woman you both like so well. I Wish her farm was up the north shore; it seems like a wondrous place to visit. mom

Tanya said...

Hey, thanks for including Namasté on the list of your favorite blogs. I haven't been able to access your blog (my dinosaur computer??) for a couple of weeks, and just now read this post.

O & F are doing really well..I had a momentary panic when O disappeared for a week, but when he returned he looked no worse for the adventure. They really, really prefer to be outdoors, and when I invite them in, they'll take me up on it for a while and then go to the door and sit until I open it for them to dart out.

Budapest looked GREAT !!

Love from The Farm....T.