Wednesday, January 7, 2009

From Russia, without Love

Bulgaria is hunkering down for a day or two with no heat. As you've probably heard, Russia is flexing its muscles and cutting off gas to much of Eastern Europe. Basically, anywhere that is served via Ukraine pipelines is losing their supply. Due to the dispute between the two countries (, our school is actually shutting down Thursday and Friday. I'm thinking of heading up the mountain. If it's going to be cold inside, why not go outside?

While many countries can get their gas from other sources, Bulgaria relies almost entirely on Russian gas. The country is currently trying to convert to diesel, which apparently exists in greater quantities. Current estimates are that the conversion will be complete within the next day or two. In the meantime, Betsy and I will be taking out our winter sleeping bags.

Initial reports indicated that Bulgaria had about a month's worth of reserves, but the latest news is that the reserves were "somehow" squandered (read: sold by corrupt political forces). But don't worry about us. The weather is relatively nice today and we have plenty of layers (as well as an electric stove -- woo-hoo!). More to come. In the mean time, the picture below of icicles on my face grows ever more relevant.

As we often say, "That's Bulgaria!" Our theory is that the more dire circumstances get, the more street cred we earn. We should be rich after this one!


Anonymous said...

We've been wondering about this possibility for you. Thanks for telling us your situation. If you want/need parcels sent to combat the cold, we'll help you. Funny that you should have had an introduction to this with our furnace going out during your visit. Are electric heaters allowed? Love, J

Tanya said...

Floyd...Make sure you wear your socks, gloves, and hat!