Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Barcelona's Chocolate Museum

Dark Chocolate Fringe on a Vast White Chocolate Egg

Antique Chocolate Advertising

A Print of an Old National Geographic Cover, featuring a Chocolate Artist

A Chocolate Version of the Gaudi Dragon Statue in Parc Guell

A Chocolate Bullfight

I'm not sure I can really recommend Barcelona's Chocolate Museum. My favorite thing about it was that they hand out bars of chocolate as tickets. But it was kind of fun seeing famous Spanish scenes depicted in chocolate, and finding out unusual facts about the history of cacao.

A few unexpected facts:
1. Cocoa beans were once used as currency. Trying to fake beans could result in enslavement.
2. Early Europeans thought the native drink made from cocoa beans disgusting and bitter.
3. Bonbons first appeared in the French court, and their name simply translates "good, good."
4. "Viento Chocolatero" means the chocolate wind, and is the Mexican description of the most favorable breezes for navigation.

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Anonymous said...

This was fun! Do you know if molds are made for the chocolate mixture and then unmolded, or it the pieces are actually sculpted with tools?
Are they edible or are they mostly wax? Thanks from Cooke St.