Monday, April 26, 2010

Sunday with... us!


Yesterday we went on a Bulgarian t.v. show called "Every Sunday with..." The theme for the four hour long show was the weekend, and we were the final guests, supposedly providing an American perspective on weekend life.

We had instructions to meet a woman from the show "in the underground passage near hall 2 of the palace of culture (NDK) next to a fountain with big metallic balls." We left an hour early, assuming it would be quite a quest to find such a place, but it was easy.

At 3:30 we were whisked underground NDK into make-up and hair booths (well, they didn't change Brett's hair much) and interviewed on camera for a little backstage piece. Then we walked up a hallway and into the back wing of a live studio. A large team of purple clad dancers filed out of the stage entrance just before we filed in. I had the sense we might be a bit less exciting for the audience than they were, but what can you do?

Twenty minutes of questions later, we were done. We gave our perspective on any number of things - some of which we knew about, and some of which we didn't. But it was fun. And weird. And certainly not something we do everyday...

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