Sunday, April 11, 2010

Through the Seasons in Four Hours

Right before Will went back to Italy, we took one more hike on Mt. Vitosha, in what turned out to be a walk from spring, into winter, and back into spring. We did a loop hike that seemed to encounter the best of Vitosha: rolling streams, snow and ice, views of Sofia, wild flowers, a monastery, and a lake. It's my new favorite hike on Vitosha. It was also a fitting end to Will's visit, during which we were lucky enough to go on four or five fantastic hikes, continuing our string that started at Webb. I'm not sure what it is about our hiking mojo, but wherever we've been so far seems to present its best side for us.

Will doing his best to blend into the rock field.

Sofia in a sun spot below.

And then there was winter. Fog, dripping snow, and a soft trail.

Ice shards collected under the trees where they fell in the slightly above freezing temperatures.

Boyana lake, fed by the waterfall that Will and I visited last January.

And finally, back to spring.

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