Thursday, May 6, 2010

La Fiesta de Nachos - Cinco de Mayo en Bulgaria

Yesterday, as I'm sure you all know, was Cinco de Mayo. We used to let this great holiday slip by us without much notice, but after last night, we have set a new precedent. Our neighbors, Kate and Mike, decided to host a Cinco de Mayo party, the main feature of which was a nacho competition. That's right - a no holds barred, no excuses accepted, no congealed cheese allowed, nacho competition. Contestants brought their efforts at 5:30, placed them at one of the numbered spaces on the picnic tables, and dreamed of glory (and a "Campeon de Nachos" hat). Soon, the judges arrived, with bright plastic ponchos and their judging rubrics.

Though Brett and I did not win champion hats, we did win two people's choice awards - for most interesting flavor combo (mango/grape/avocado/cumin) and for best homemade tortilla chips. So we're proud. We went unconventional...
Our first entry: avocado-strawberry-mint salsa with cinnamon lime chips

Our second entry: cumin chips with mango guacamole and grape halves (seeds expertly removed by Brett)

The prize hats, displayed on the Nacho Buffet

The Judging Rubric - get teachers together and...

The judges arrive, en masse

The entries

The Judging (which lasted about an hour!). We all started eating with them when they were still on category #1 of the rubric ("appearance") 10 minutes in.

For nacho recipes, head over to my food blog.

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This looks fun! What a good idea.