Sunday, May 9, 2010


My mother and Joe have arrived in Sofia for their long-awaited visit. They're here warming up for a bike ride from Prague to Vienna, so we spent a day on the mountain, getting in shape. It was a long six-hour hike, but we enjoyed several treats along the way, including some lingering blossoms still flowering up high, and a frog orgy (that's right -- a frog orgy) down low. As we approached Boyana Lake, we heard thousands of frogs croaking and squawking. Tadpoles lined the bottom of the lake near the shore, and frogs were piggy-backing everywhere. Betsy will post video (G-rated) soon, but you'll see a close-up of a waiting frog below.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you shared some shots of J&J's visit, Brett. On this mother's day, thank your mom (for us) for her role in making you the wonderful man you are. Keep on having good times, too!
Love J

Adam and Nicole said...

Hi there, I was hoping you could help us. My fiance and I are looking to move to Europe to teach...we are currently in South Korea and we can't seem to get a break anywhere being Americans. Can you give us some tips as to how you found a job in Europe?

Anonymous said...

Betsy and Brett: I love your Athens photos. Holding up the Parthenon is great! It looks like you had a really fine time with Lindsay. The photos, as usual, are terrific, and they are fun for me because they remind me of my visit there. Best of luck to you as you wind up your stay in Bolgaria.... I look forward to seeing you this summer. Love, Pat