Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lindsey comes to Bulgaria

We were so happy to welcome Lindsey to Bulgaria this week, for a short stay in Sofia, a day trip to Koprivshtitsa, and a couple of nights in Athens. Many photos will be coming, but here is a short introduction to Lindsey's visit.

The Karyatids hold up the top level of the Erechthion temple at the top of Athens.

Not to be outdone, Betsy and Lindsey hold up the Acropolis.

Brett enjoys "the most delicious pistachio gelato in Athens" (according to the gelato man) and Lindsey enjoys plain old strawberry.

Brett and Betsy, with temple. (photo by Lindsey, what an excellent photographer)

Wherever Lindsey goes, adorable horses seem to appear. Even in her apartment in Durham...

Lindsey and Betsy pretend to enjoy a cart ride in the Bulgarian countryside.

(Important thinking going on. Do not disrupt.)

More pictures to come...

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