Monday, August 11, 2008

Day One In Sofia

Our first day in Sofia began at 4 am, when we emerged from the airport. Upon arrival at our fabulous (we love it) apartment we couldn't stop ourselves from unpacking. But eventually we went to sleep at 6 am and when we woke up at 10, here is a sampling of what we discovered...

A statue of Sofia, meaning wisdom

Are you saying this looks posed? Flowers from the market

This church goes WAY back. It now stands in the courtyard of the Sheraton Hotel.

View from our balcony. Wait til I get a shot up in sunset light.

A statue garden downtown

A string of notes passes between cello-head statue bedecked columns on this building

True to media reports, there are a lot of wandering cats and dogs in town. I love the one sitting down, it cracks me up.

We happened to wander through the women's market as soon as we got off the bus. We picked up some tiny sweet purple grapes, flowers, and halvah. The market is vast, stretching three or four blocks and ending up on a street we think of as "Shoe street" since it has nine or ten shoe shops in a row. Finally, we found our way out from shoe street to the city center. 

That's all for now. Just a quick pictorial introduction. We are here and safe and unpacked!

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Brett said...

By the way, the writing on the rusty wall behind Betsy says "Garage," another great clash of beauty and disrepair in Sofia. In my opinion, Betsy wins easily.