Sunday, August 31, 2008

We temporary expats love pie

The oven awaits

Close up of the unique lattice design

The Finished Product

You know that phrase "As American as Apple Pie?" It's always struck me as a little odd. I mean, Germans were making Apfeltorte long before we were making pie, and it looks pretty darn similar. However, I've decided to stay in touch with my home culture by baking pie while abroad. I think it will be a good item to perfect, based on my many pleasant pie-eating experiences at The Rustic Inn and Perkins, my enjoyment of the film Waitress, and the lure the smell of baking pie seems to hold for my neighbors and my husband (not to mention for me). These pictures come from round two in my pie baking independent study, a major improvement over round one, in which the sheer magnitude of my Bulgarian pie pan and the dinkiness of my Bulgarian rolling pin caught me off guard. This time the pastry is FLAKY. I know. I just had a piece. 

I'm feeling proud. I had to measure the butter by eye. And it worked! 


Brett said...

This pie is one of the best pies I've ever tasted. The crust is perfect. And the whole apartment smells wonderful. It's going to be very difficult to share this pie with our neighbors. But I will make that sacrifice. Why? Because Betsy is a pie expert and can make this pie again, and our neighbors won't always be with us, so it's only fair to let them have some now.

Anonymous said...

Maybe pastry chefs (and their loved ones) created the expression "pie in the sky" for something admittedly marvelous, but hard to attain. As for me, I liked to read about apple pie 1 and I liked to view apple pie 2. Would readers besides me read a blog subset on pies? By emailing recipes, we'd vie for pie recipe of the month. Brett would choose the one he'd most like to see mastered, Betsy would experiment, and before the calendar page turned, we'd read Brett's review, read Betsy's take on production, see the final photo, and learn the name behind the winning entry. I'll play. JM