Friday, August 8, 2008

Introducing "Vagabond"

Who wouldn't want to click on a link entitled "vagablogger"? Read stories about cheap and surprising travel in the Mediterranean region? Peruse sections like "unrolling red tape" and "bits-n-bobs"? 

This entry is to introduce the new link on the bar at right, "Vagabond Magazine", a monthly magazine focusing on life in Bulgaria that seems designed exclusively for me (and now, perhaps, you). I suppose that's impossible, since it's been going for a while, but it is pleasant to imagine. 

I love it! It's already supplied me with advice on escaping the cookie cutter tourism of the Black Sea Coast for secret deserted beaches, guidance on driving in Sofia, a list of things to see when we go to Thessaloniki for new faculty orientation and a slough of much-loved restaurants to try. 

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Helen Mork said...

Hi to the newlyweds--Briana is visiting at Grandma's home in A.L; She is instrumental in letting me read your blog.
Wow, I cannot believe that we are able to see all these things that you are able to show us.
It is totally fun to see these pict-
ures and read about them.
We have done a variety of things--and even baked bread and rolls--yes, wish you were here--Love you and will send along an email very soon. Much love,
and Briana