Sunday, August 3, 2008

Posts written today: One

When walking on cobblestones in the rain, sometimes one will suddenly shift beneath your foot, splashing ominously from below and yet, somehow, miraculously, not getting you wet. The cobblestone knocks back off its neighbor and crashes directly down on the water splashing up from below, once again securely fitting into its place in the puzzle. Walking down my street in the soft rain is like walking through a haunted house - all scare and no risk. 

August 3, 2008
Weather in Oxford today: Showery
Slices of strawberry cheesecake eaten with pals: One
Formal Anglican sermons about the Song of Solomon listened to amidst nervously shifting congregation members: One
Number of people in afternoon ultimate frisbee game: Five
Letters received from people I love: Four 
Chance of writing more than one more paragraph on my paper tonight: Zero
Pages of Bulgarian grammar studied: Two

A good day. Odd at times, but nice. The newest edition to the postcard collection on the wall above me is a photo featuring a tiny gray and white kitten in a cereal bowl, emblazoned with the headline "Never give up the right to be odd." I think she would have enjoyed today.

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Briana Mork said...

Betsy and Brett- I'm so glad to hear that you are having a great time in Bulgaria thus far and are enjoyed the leisure of exploring before school starts! I have not had a chance to fully explore your blog yet but I hope to soon. I will send along to ya'll some pictures of my life if you'd like. Talk to you soon! Love Briana