Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Koprivshtitsa, the off season tourist campaign

In an effort to show Max and Lisa the dual sides of Bulgarian culture and lifestyle - urban and rural - we spent yesterday driving to the mountain town of Koprivshtitsa, walking around Koprivshtitsa in the driving wind and snow (and admiring its beautiful restoration architecture), wishing that the shops and museums of Koprivshtitsa weren't all mysteriously closed for "Monday", eating a lengthy lunch so as to admire Koprivshtitsa from indoors, and then driving home from Koprivshtitsa. (If you haven't learned to pronounce "Koprivshtitsa" after reading that paragraph, you never will.) 

After this day of research, I've decided to nominate myself as chairwoman of the off-season Koprivshtitsa tourism campaign. I'll start by brainstorming slogans...

Koprivshtitsa, it's not for Mondays!

Koprivshtitsa, just a two hour drive away  - and don't try to pass anyone on the bridge even though there are two lanes because it's illegal and the police will pull you over. 

Koprivshtitsa, a pretty cute town if you can keep your eyes open in the wind.

Koprivshtitsa, your sleet capital.

Koprivshtitsa, a good excuse to buy a new sweater. 

Koprivshtitsa, spring is for the weak.

Koprivshtitsa, it builds character. 

OK, I've had my fun. The truth is, we liked Koprivshtitsa. It was a cool town perched in the middle of gorgeous countryside. It was just so darn cold! In March! With snow! Deep snow! And I optimistically (read: stupidly) left my coat at home...


Anonymous said...

Cop-riv-SHTIT-sa with all short vowels?
Teach me how to do colors in August! (Julie's emails are a soft-on-the-retinas-blue). Fun post, Betsy. I enjoyed the rare wry-ness! thx, xom.

agnes_nit said...

I don't know whether you are already aware of it, but in Bulgaria most museums (and many galleries) are closed on Mondays. That's because museum staff needs a day off too, of course, and it wouldn't be wise to close during the weekend when most people tend to visit.
Wish you all the best and better luck with your next visit:)