Monday, March 16, 2009

When Chipotle is 4,000 miles away-

Make your own! 

It turns out that I can make lime-cilantro rice, mango salsa, pico-de-gallo, lime sea salt chips and chunky guacamole here in Bulgaria, now that our grocery store is selling cilantro plants. 

The trick is that cilantro is called coriander here, and of course coriander is written in Cyrilic, so you can understand why it took me some time to locate it. 

We bought the tortillas in Ireland and now we are in business! 

It used to be that Chipotle was just a 15 minute drive away. Now eating "Chipotle" represents my furthered understanding of European herbs, my ability to read the Cyrilic alphabet, Brett's ability to grill chicken on a tiny fourth floor balcony in the cold night air, the discovery of three salsa recipes from three different locations, a quick trip to Ireland, and an inch by inch perusal of the local Italian supermarket's produce section. 

Throw in a few months of yearning for the taste of Chipotle, and you can almost see why it means a bit more to eat it now...

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Anonymous said...

You two slay me! You're wonderful together - just like the varied ingredients in your increasingly delectable menus and marriage.
Love from mojo (mom joann? Can I just say "mom"? I think I had permission, but I'm not sure..)