Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Parc Guell

We arrived in Barcelona late Saturday night.  On Sunday morning, I had to do an 18-mile run.  Looking at the map of Barcelona, I noticed a nice green patch a couple miles from our house.   "Parc Guell" it said.  This, it turns out, is Gaudi's famous natural landscaping experiment, spread over several acres, joined by paths snaking in and out of masterful stonework.  After about 30 minutes of steep ascent and a wrong turn into another park, I finally stumbled into what I knew must be Gaudi territory.  I ran around (and around and around) for about an hour and a half, before heading back down into the city, only to cross paths with the Barcelona marathon, already in progress.  Perhaps next year.  To be honest, my run probably benefitted more from Gaudi's world than it would have from water stations and cheering crowds.    

Who couldn't help but do a little zig-zag through these columns to break up the monotony of a long run?

Betsy and I returned the next day, where she was just as taken as I was.

This is from a long, sandy terrace surrounded by an undulating ceramic bench.  In the distance you can see another walkway and the house where Gaudi lived while working on the park.

These two "Candy Land" houses now mark the official entrance to the park.

Betsy's surfing dreams were stoked by this tunnel, modeled on the inside of a wave.

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Tanya said...

Great photos...I haven't been in Barcelona in almost 30 years...The Parque Guell is calling me loud and clear!