Wednesday, March 25, 2009


What should Brett do? For our (newly granted by the Bulgarian government) six day vacation in May, I am headed for the little cliffside town of Oia on Santorini, to soak up the sun, dabble in ocean swimming, and read Shakespeare in whitewashed cafes while watching the sun set over the caldera. Brett, with his love of adventure, would prefer a more active vacation. 

Where do you think he should go? He's interested in mountains, but not if they are snow-covered. He's interested in hiking, but not in a place where he and I will eventually want to go together. Maybe Egypt? South Africa? Ireland? If you have any inspirations, friendly reader, please leave a comment with a trip idea for Brett. 

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judy baker said...

First, thanks to Betsy for all of the pics and descrips. You're such fun to read!
Brett, a very typical picture of you that ofcourse made me smile. I would love to help you decide where to go in May, but I'm afraid that your nack for that is much better than mine. I'm sure you'll come up with a great idea. Love, mom/judy