Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter Tradition

Monday was Orthodox Easter, a continuation of the Holy Week Celebrations here in Bulgaria. We had another day of school off (we have almost no normal work weeks this spring, there are just so many holidays), huge loaves of sugary fruity bread appeared in the bakeries, and folks gathered in their homes for family time and another big meal. 

It also gave me a reminder and an excuse to post these photos from Easter Sunday. We celebrated the holiday over brunch with our new friends Lesley and Sam and their kids. She heads the Peace Corp in Bulgaria and he works for the embassy and runs, bakes bread, and does lots of yoga, so we all seem to have lots to talk about!

Before brunch, a troupe of girls in traditional dress singing in multi-leveled harmony appeared in the street, singing and dancing from driveway to driveway in a distant cousin to the Christmas caroling tradition We were thrilled to share in their tour, and piled outside onto the balconies and down to the street to listen and watch and share Easter candy. 

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Anonymous said...

Faces -- I love to see them! Thank you from mom