Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Wife in Marrakech

There was something about Betsy that seemed to work with Marrakech.  Of course, she's always photogenic, but I really liked a few of these shots:

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Anonymous said...

Dear Brett, Today's post is a complete bull's eye for the Duluth target audience. Thanks (!)

We'll be thinking of you in Vienna on Sunday. I understand you only missed one training day during the last months! You're intrepid and an emerging icon of self-discipline.

I remember a photo from December in Duluth, which featured you with what originally looked like new, dangerously sharp incisors poking through your lips and chin - (only later understood as icicles.) I'd think your runs in 90-100 degree foreign cities would have been even more equilibrium-threatening than the sub-zero conditions, here.

May you throughly enjoy this culmination of all your training! If we could cheer for you in person, we would. Have fun, and congratulations. Love, J&B