Monday, April 27, 2009

A Good Read

National Geographic Traveler has a lovely website, which is key, since they don't have much of an English distribution network in Sofia...

I was browsing through their recent stories today and came upon an article highlighting 50 extraordinary places to see in a lifetime. As I scrolled over the stars on the map of Europe, I was pleased to see that Brett and I had visited almost all the featured destinations in this part of the world: Vienna, London, Paris, Budapest, Istanbul, Dublin, Barcelona, and Prague. Silly NGT, not including Sofia. Perhaps someday...

I've visited 16 of the overall 50. Kind of makes me feel like I get my girl scout badge in Travel now.

Check out fun pictures and stories about 50 beautiful cities at:

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Colleen said...

26! I'm more than halfway there! But I failed the accompanying National Geographic quizzes, so I think my merit badge gets revoked. Drat.

Hope all is well in Sofia. I miss you!