Sunday, October 11, 2009

Borisova Gradina: You Never Know What You'll Find...

Borisova Gradina is a HUGE park downtown - a park that's always full of surprises. You may remember our post last year about the Italian-Bulgarian cultural festival, host of the pizza pie throwing dancers - that was in Borisova Gradina. Last winter a giant ski jump was set up in the park for sledders, a karaoke stage is in permanent residence, and today, as we drove by, we saw something even more amazing. Giant bubbles with kids inside, rolling around on lakes. GIANT BUBBLES FULL OF KIDS.

We had to stop. We had to wander. We had to enjoy. In the end, we did not have to get into bubbles of our own, but we certainly enjoyed witnessing the madness.

Borisova Gradina on a sunny afternoon? Highly Recommended.

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