Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Pumpkin Quest

So for a while I have been keeping an eye out for the usual October pumpkin stands in Sofia. But none have I seen! I'm guessing this is because I mainly walk between my house and my classroom, with occasional forays to the tennis courts, the yoga studio, and the Balkan dance room. Ah well, so I'm not Miss Sofia Exploration 2009...

But today, I knew it was time. Late October, cloudy, Halloween pressing ever nearer. Even our neighbor cat, Gringo, seemed to sense that something was in the air.

Walking out from school I see towering apartments in both directions - looking left

- and looking right.

These blue tailed birds hopped in front of me throughout my trip, showing off their shiny backs.

This was my first hope for a pumpkin - the stand near the park where I used to go running. Though they were pumpkinless, I did appreciate the squash hanging in the shade umbrella...

The leaves sported a nice fall fringe as I walked on toward my next hope - the old fall produce tent on the corner across from the miniature missile and tank in the corner of the park.

I kind of miss running by these.
Almost there now, will there be pumpkins?

Ooooh! Check out that orange glow in the center!

Success! That's my pumpkin on the scale in the bottom right corner. Now it's in the oven, waiting to be turned into pumpkin butter, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, and pumpkin biscotti.

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Anonymous said...

I liked this one so much. It seemed as though I was walking alongside you, listening, and looking where you gestured. Sannah and I went pumpkin hunting today, too, and she told me about the $7.00 tiny container of pumpkin butter they bought at the Bayfield apple festival. The ARvidson-Hicks LOVE pumpkin better, as I suspect I would. xom