Friday, October 30, 2009

Pumpkin Quest Part II, or...

How the pumpkin went from this (a pumpkin)

To this (a pumpkin with a hole in it)

to this (pumpkin pieces)

To this (pumpkin mashed up)

To this (pumpkin butter)

To this (pumpkin in a jar that is actually sealed!)

To this (pumpkin chocolate oatmeal cherry walnut cookie dough)

Well, let's just say when I used to use pumpkin puree in the U.S. I definitely DID NOT APPRECIATE IT ENOUGH. This Thanksgiving, as you run your can opener around the lid of your future pumpkin pie, just remember there are a few steps between the patch and the pie!


Anonymous said...

entertainingly educational. wow.
more power to your persistence

Kerrin @ MyKugelhopf said...

haha! Love this post, that is so funny - and so true. I'm with you - it was always a can of Libby pumpkin puree for me and I never realized how easy I had it. I do love making my own pumpkin puree now though - but still have 1 lonely can from the States that's been sitting in my cupboard for some time now! ;) Meanwhile, where's the recipe for those cookies ? YUM!