Monday, October 19, 2009

Paris in the Fall

Paris in the fall means the snappy crackle of chestnuts roasting in a grocery cart on the corner. It means sunshine on your shoulders as you wander in the crowd from Modern Art Museum to Moroccan spice store to Myberry California-style frozen yoghurt shop.

Paris in the fall means the tiny dogs wear hooded sweaters. It means scarves of every shade and velvety mushrooms piled dramatically at the farmer's market. It means the French senate museum shop gets a few extra customers during downpours, but so do the gelaterias - still able to convince the sweet-toothed to break up the afternoon with a cup of combined mango, dark chocolate, and fig.

Paris in the fall means postcard shopping outdoors, red-cheeked and admiring. It means alternately hiding behind the Seine cruise ship windows and then popping into the fresh air for self-portraits with the Eiffel tower.

Paris in the fall means chocolate and cheese, just like Paris in the winter, spring, and summer, but it also means orange frosted pumpkin cakes and yellow calla lilies.

Paris in the fall makes for a simply splendid Saturday and Sunday away.

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