Friday, December 18, 2009

Balkan Dancing Where?!

After the final classes, the school assembled in the Auditorium for a repeat performance of the Christmas Concert. A polished group of students and teachers gave a fantastic show, highlighted by an encore routine in the...well...see below. Video coming soon, if my technologically adept wife has the time.

The students whirl faster than my camera can catch them.

Presenting flowers to Stoyan, far left, the Balkan Dance instructor. International teachers are in yellow on the right.

And then, as if the steps weren't complicated enough, they decided to move onto the icy sidewalk in subfreezing temperatures.


Petermih said...

Have a nice Christmas Mr.Potash!

P.S. I'm Pesho!

judy baker said...

Betsy, I am so impressed by your ability to move your arms and legs at the same time but in different ways! I can't do step aerobics because you have to be coordinated that way. You do so well for a "beginner". Also, it looks like you're having a great time. Keep exploring! Love, judy