Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hiking in Lakatnik

The ACS Hiking Club took its first trip today, having been delayed by the flu vacation a month ago. We went to Lakatnik, a simple, traditional hike on the limestone cliffs of the Iskur Gorge. Though other areas in the country are more stunning, this was a nice introduction to the year, and a great chance to get out into what our students call "the nature." (Many languages, we've noticed, attach an article to the word "nature," a hard habit to break when translating into English.) We had a stalwart, happy group of fifteen students, who dallied along, glorying in the chance to be outside of Sofia. We took many breaks, especially at the Communist monument atop the cliffs.

At the beginning of the hike, we crossed (read: bounced over) a bridge spanning the Iskur River.

A climbing shack. The Iskur Gorge is the most popular climbing location in Bulgaria.

Jess and Jeff, the two teachers who accompanied me, and Georgi, the president of the Hiking Club, "conquering" a small outcropping.

Ivan and Simeon

The Communist monument on top, and lunch time
Yulia and Lora. The monument is in the background.

Stefan is actually catching a spider here. I have NO idea where it rappelled from.

On the way down


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you've got another animated group of hikers and explorers, Brett. I enlarged the photographs to discern individual faces and the geology a bit better.
It seemed like a good day for the climb. I especially liked the hiking shack, which reminded me of a hermitage. J

judy baker said...

Brett, Your students will always remember you as "The Fun Teacher". Love, mom