Sunday, December 6, 2009

My favorite thing about Hamburg

The Rathaus

A View from the Park near our hotel

Hamburg is clean, nice and expensive. It has a lot of parks, two lakes, a slough of Starbucks and more shopping shopping shopping. If we had been there just one day later, my favorite thing about it might have been its many Christmas markets. However, since they were still under construction, there was really no contest.

My favorite thing about Hamburg is that they sell dachsund cookie cutters in the kitchen stores. This year's Christmas cookie charge will be led by festive dachsunds. Thank you, Germany!

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Anonymous said...

Mary Beth or Doug drew a "weindeer" in the snow on our back deck. I hope I can preserve it through the winter until spring. We made cut-out cookies this week, too, and had a festive frosting party this afternoon. I enjoyed both your blog contributions, today. Thanks! xom