Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Sofia Christmas Market

Today after parent-teacher conferences Brett and I headed downtown - dipping into Sofia's new Subway shop, passing by the new Starbucks, crossing near the new metro and then walking into Bulgaria's very first Christmas market. Things seem to be changing with every blink of the eye here in Bulgaria.

After visiting Christmas markets in Nuremburg, Munich, Basel, Brussels, Vienna and Prague, we had certain expectations: wooden nativity figurines, roasting chestnuts, mulled wine, glass ornaments, perhaps a live sheep or two. The Sofia Christmas market did not have these things. However, it did have something I've never seen at another market, something pretty amazing.

Gracing the skies above the market we saw a chorus of angels, lit from within their windblown white plastic robes. They flew in strange contrast to the early winter gray of the park and clouds. The angel just above the market entrance appeared to hover directly over the upraised gun on the Socialist-Realist statue behind the market.

I may not have sipped any mulled wine today, but I did meet some beautiful angels.

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Anonymous said...

Arresting figures; quite beautiful!