Monday, March 15, 2010

Apartment Block Buildings

I took these photos today as I walked out in search of spring. A year and a half ago, these architectural remnants of a previous era were probably the hardest thing for me to adjust to in Bulgaria. The crumbling aesthetics of these buildings seemed to prey on my sense of peace. Not anymore. When I do notice them now, it's to admire strings of laundry or new paint jobs. Other than that, when I walk, I see small details or think my own thoughts. I don't walk to drink in the beauty of the buildings, but neither do they make me feel small and hunted.

I didn't find spring today, but I did see two trios worth mentioning. One, a group of three young mothers, each holding the handle of a plastic covered pram, standing still to chat as, in unison, they rhythmically pushed their babies back and forth in the middle of the park. The other, a group of three dogs: a huge well-manicured collie, a middle sized mutt, and one of those rinky dink dogs you expect to see in a purse. The collie was chasing the mutt, who was chasing Rinky Dinky, who flew straight to the feet of his amiable old owner. No dogs were harmed.

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Oddly? This is one of my favorite posts. mom