Monday, March 15, 2010

Fairy Tales!

Every year, the 8th grade class at ACS does a community service project where they write their own fairy tales and then present them to elementary school students in the area, teaching them English as they read the story. The writing process takes two weeks, and then the students present the stories over three successive Mondays to the delight of the 4th graders. And, I might say, to the delight of the 8th graders. Below are my students doing "service," which, they are learning, isn't always that tedious. I hope to post an example of one of the fairy tales shortly...


Anonymous said...

I love and admire this assignment, and certainly would have enjoyed being a mouse in the corner. jm

Enigma said...

I knew "tedious", but I didn't know "fastidious" ;( Oh, never mind... =D At least I'm glad I participated in the Spelling Bee.

I wanted to say that I really like your blog although I haven't read all of it yet. I love the photos! All of them, not only these from Meridian. And I enjoyed the fairy tale project. =)