Saturday, March 6, 2010


The intrepid ACS Hiking Club once again set out to explore the icy reaches of Bulgaria this weekend. This time we were in Lozen, a short bus ride from Sofia. When I woke up at 7:30 am to blustering winds and -7 degrees, I thought we might have a small group. But 16 hikers showed up, and all were rewarded with an emerging sun and surprising blue skies within a couple hours. Lozen is not the highest mountain in Bulgaria, but a fresh coat of overnight snow made up for it. Georgi, the Hiking Club president who meticulously plans each of our trips and makes sure that everything goes smoothly, was constantly asking if the beauty outweighed the cold. Yes, we would say repeatedly.

After about an hour of hiking, we reached the ridge, where it became clear that wind was going to be a steady companion.

Georgi and me at the peak. Sofia is far off in the distance.

On the way down, we passed by Lozen Monastery and its resident dog.

One of the more entertaining signs I've seen so far. It says, "Children don't brake!"

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