Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Pi Day (yesterday) !

Yesterday our on-campus series of faculty potluck nights continued. Brett and I hosted "Breakfast for Dinner" last week, so this week they spoofed us with "Lunch for Dinner." There was chicken salad, egg salad, PB and J, Elvis Specials, Pesto Grilled Cheese, Apple and Cheddar Open Face, and more. And for dessert, my pies. Yes, pies. I made the crust for a cheesecake and it spilled over into pan #2 so I made a chocolate pudding pie too. Only once they were on the table did I discover it was Pi day (3/14)!

For a GREAT recipe for chocolate pudding pie (sorry, the cheese cake one is a secret), head over to From Another Angle's foodie cousin, It Started in Bulgaria.


Anonymous said...

cute coincidence!

Your mother's mother used to make homemade chocolate pudding in rather small sauce dishes with wild flowers on the edges. In a small pitcher of the same pattern, she offered fresh cream. I liked to take my spoon and make a smile, 2 upward turned eyes, and a dot of a nose in the pudding before I poured on just enough cream to light up the indentations and make a vivid face.

judy baker said...

I'll show you my reknowned cheesepie (yes it's actually called a pie) recipe, if you show me yours. If you're willing we can exchange recipies (oops - Freudian slip) when you're back on American soil. Looking forward to having you back. Love, Judy