Monday, September 1, 2008

Introducing ACS - The American College of Sofia

The campus is a pastoral blob on the urban map that is Sofia. There are trees everywhere, and picnic tables and benches are sprinkled throughout for readers and chatters and snoozers.

This is the main building, ALMOST done being renovated. My future classroom and office are in here, to the right of all the columns. 

A teacher walks through campus, pondering life's questions. 

This building is a real favorite with the school president (as I used to say in fourth grade, "NOT!"). When the government leased the campus back to ACS after the end of communism, they kept this tiny little spot back for the adjacent police academy. And what does the police academy use their ugly little building on our campus for? Storage! I'm amused.

The department head / new teacher lunch today featured by far the largest pizza I've ever seen. Each one had more in common with a helipad than a run of the mill pizza pie!

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Tanya said...

From my years of teaching Spanish, I immediately assumed the police academy storage building was the Foreign Language Department.

Just watched Sense & Sensibility and Becoming Jane this weekend. Liked both.

Oscar & Felix send a scratchy tongue lick.