Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Let's make it happen people!

Since I sent in my ballot six weeks ago and no polls close in the U.S. until after midnight in Bulgaria, election Tuesday hasn't been that exciting for me. Nevertheless, I've been avidly watching coverage on CNN of ridiculous things like Sarah Palin voting in Alaska; they are stretching a bit to maintain international coverage throughout the day, when nothing is really happening yet in the U.S.  

More interesting have been my conversations with students at ACS about the U.S. elections. I've gotten responses varying between "I don't care who wins - this is Bulgaria, not the United States" (angry frustrated look and blowing of bangs from over eyes) and "Do you think ANYONE here at the college is favoring McCain?" (surrounding students giggle and ask how long you have to live in the U.S. before you can be president, elbowing the sincere Democratic supporter). 

There hasn't been a single person with whom I can argue for Obama, because I have yet to meet a Bulgarian or an American in Bulgaria who is not supporting him already, if they're supporting anyone. The U.S. Embassy held mock elections in two mountain villages and the villagers gave Obama the resounding thumbs up. 

So, let's all join with Bulgarian popular opinion and bring this baby home! Go Obama! Go vote!


Anonymous said...

An exhilarating half hour at the polls in Duluth, yesterday morning where there were more voters than ever seen before. It's Amazing to have marched for civil rights at Carleton, mourned MLK's assasination, seen legislation passed and implemented and now to have helped Barak Obama into the oval office. A GREAT DAY. jm

Lindsey said...

Well, I got an earful from my Bulgarian lab mate today that stands in direct contradiction to what you've been experiencing- He's a bit of a contrary yet gentle-in-the-end sort of guy, and though he did express MORE disdain for McCain/Palin, he was railing on and on about Obama being a socialist and how terrible socialism had been for his country, and how we should institute a flat tax, etc (I think he voted for Barr). I can more easily stomach this kind of criticism from someone who has actually experienced and knows something about (one form of) socialism than from some other more ignorant folks who just want a so-called nasty label to stick on Barack but still, his comments today sadly took a little air out of my happiness, as we all know that I'm not at my most comfortable when forced into a debate. But, all in all, I'm thrilled about so many things that happened yesterday, though it makes me sick to see that CA passed prop 8.

Anonymous said...

Lindsey - Jon Stewart pointed out that for those who "like a little irony with their celebration," 69% of African Americans voted FOR prop 8. Justice is, once again, a refugee from the victor's camp.
On an up note, I'm thrilled that Washington state approved Death with Dignity for those who want it! Ten years after Oregon -- 48 states to go! JM