Monday, November 17, 2008

Vieners and such

It seems a crime to be able to fly round trip to Vienna for under 100 Euros. That's both of us, by the way. No lines at the airport, an award-winning airline (Sky Europe), and a favorable itinerary (leave Saturday morning, come back Sunday night). And then there's the destination itself. Wow. I think it's safe to say that Betsy and I will be taking advantage of Vienna's accessibility.

It was definitely refreshing to be in a more westernized location, to see familiar food, to walk down clean streets. But it also reaffirmed our reasons for being here -- to have an edgier experience, something slightly out of our comfort zone, something challenging and rewarding. I was left feeling grateful that Vienna is so close, and also grateful to have the chance to spend two years of my life doing the work we're doing now, with the kids we get to teach every day.

Below you'll see highlights of our brief visit: churches, a palace, and...well...wieners.

St. Stephandom Cathedral

We saw the steeples of this church (the Votivkirche) sticking up from afar and walked until we found it. On the way back, we stumbled upon the first day of the Vienna Christmas Market. Good timing!

Before I climbed up here, placing my hands in all kinds of pigeon poop, I asked Betsy if she thought I'd get in trouble. We looked around. 8:30 Sunday morning. Nary a soul on the street. No problem. And then the police car drove RIGHT UNDER me while I was clinging to the fish. Betsy, taking a photo at the time, gave her best nonchalant tourist expression. And when the police disappeared, the posing resumed.
As Betsy pointed out, this man looks like he's thrilled to be the object of her affection. Imagine him saying "Score!" as he pumps his fist...

The Rathaus, the seat of government.

Schonbrunn Palace from this hills above, through the crook of a statue.

The white pile by the sausage? That's real horseradish, as in the root, freshly grated, and definitely sinus-clearing. My mouth (and eyes) are watering just thinking about it...

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judy baker said...

You two sure know how to have fun with statues. You make me laugh!

Keep them coming - love, mom/judy